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Announcing "Bob Dylan Worldwide -The First Twenty Years" - the first instalment of what will hopefully be the definite Dylan discography, published by Christoph Maus/Maus of Music, Hamburg, Germany . This was published in advance of Bob's 75th birthday, in mid-April 2016. Heartfelt thanks to the contributors to this site who have helped with preparing this book - they are credited for their contributions. Please buy this book from "Isis" here . Thanks to Sonny Boy McFitzson for news the book can be bought in Japan from Disk Union here . Sample pages from the book are shown here.

23 Feb 2017: Thanks to Fred Muller for news that The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 - The Gospel Years will be released in Nov 2017. Clinton Heylin is publishing a book to be called "Trouble In Mind: Bob Dylan's Gospel Years - What Really Happened" on 14 Nov 2017 to coincide with the set's release. More information will be given as it arrives.

31 Jan 2017: Breaking News! Bob is releasing a triple album (3CD/3LP/download) of 30 Frank Sinatra standards called Triplicate on 31 Mar 2017! The album includes Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler), recorded in 2014, I Could Have Told You (Carl Sigman/Arthur Williams), performed live in 2016, and Once Upon A Time (Charles Strouse/Lee Adams), performed for the Tony Bennett tribute in 2016. The 3LP set will also be available as a Deluxe Vinyl Edition packaged in a numbered case.

"By popular demand", the latest Bob Dylan Rarity News notified to me. If you have any news not shown that will interest site visitors, please contact me here. Please make sure the subject of your message includes the word  "Dylan"- this will ensure it's not put in the trash by the site's Spam filter. This is absolutely vital - incoming Spam can be as much as 13,300 messages per day, and I'm sure some of your valuable messages have been missed! Please retry if your message was rejected or if you haven't received a reply.

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Contacting Bob Dylan

This is a fan site with no connection to Bob - that means you can't contact him through me! I used to have a postal address for Bob's New York business office that I thought was correct, but I have since been informed by someone who wrote to that address that their mail was returned. I have never had an email address. I can only suggest you contact Bob's publisher Simon & Schuster or use the feedback page at I also have no means of helping anyone who wants to meet Bob Dylan or obtain his autograph!

For much wider news coverage of interest to Bob Dylan fans, see Karl Erik's amazing "Expecting Rain" site . It's always up-to-date thanks to his astounding dedication!

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Revised: 23 February, 2017

23 Feb 2017: Thanks to Fred Muller for news that The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 - The Gospel Years will be released in Nov 2017. Clinton Heylin is publishing a book to be called "Trouble In Mind: Bob Dylan's Gospel Years - What Really Happened" on 14 Nov 2017 to coincide with the set's release. More information will be given as it arrives.

31 Jan 2017: Breaking News! Bob is releasing a a triple album (3CD/3LP/download) of 30 Frank Sinatra standards called Triplicate on 31 Mar 2017! The album includes Stormy Weather (Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler), recorded in 2014, I Could Have Told You (Carl Sigman/Arthur Williams), performed live in 2016, and Once Upon A Time (Charles Strouse/Lee Adams), performed for the Tony Bennett tribute in 2016. The 3LP set will also be available as a Deluxe Vinyl Edition packaged in a numbered case.

Older News

Old news items are kept on here until the rarities referred to actually surface, or until it becomes clear that they're not going to!

23 Dec 2016: Thanks to Eddie Korvin for news about a previously unreleased studio performance with Bob playing piano for Barry Goldberg on his cover of Tommy Tucker's Hi-Heel Sneakers, recorded at Blue Rock Studio, New York, summer 1971, first published on YouTube in Dec 2016 here: Eddie owned Blue Rock Studio at that time, and both engineered and mixed Watching The River Flow and When I Paint My Masterpiece, released on Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. II. This performance has been added to Online Performances (Other).

22 Dec 2016: Bob's video to mark Tony Bennett's 90th birthday, recorded at the WorkPlay Theater, Birmingham, AL, on Friday 28 Oct 2016, was shown in the NBC TV special, "Tony Bennett Celebrates 90: The Best Is Yet to Come" broadcast on 20 Dec 2016, which also included performances by Aretha Franklin, Lady Gaga, Elton John, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder and others. Bob couldn't attend the actual celebration, which was filmed at Radio City Music Hall, New York City, on 15 Sep 2016, but wished to be included, so he performed and filmed Frank Sinatra's Once Upon A Time with his band at WorkPlay, with a technical crew and gear brought in for the occasion. Once Upon A Time, written by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams, was recorded by Frank for his 1965 Reprise album September Of My Years. A studio version of Once Upon A Time will be included in the triple album Triplicate to be released on 31 Mar 2017. The WorkPlay Theater version of Once Upon A Time (R-1905) has been added to Online Performances (Other).

1 Dec 2016: Thanks to "Isis" magazine for news that the 5LP The Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3 will be available in 2017 for the first time on vinyl since 1991!  More information will be given when available, although it is believed to be in a slipcase, not a box. It is understood all the volumes of The Bootleg Series will be reissued on vinyl with a common format of slipcase.

SlowTrainUKFront.JPG (23498 bytes) 20 Oct 2016: "Rolling Stone" magazine reports that Bob is planning a Bootleg Series release covering his gospel period. Several unreleased songs like Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody and Ain't No Man Righteous (No Not One) were performed live in that period or have been recorded by other artists, as listed in the Starlight In The East: Bob Dylan’s Unreleased Songs section of this web-site. Also, many of the live shows in that period were professionally recorded. Although many fans were uncomfortable with Bob's change of direction, his singing on the albums and in live performances was amongst his most passionate, and I look forward to this release.

13 Oct 2016: After many years of being overlooked, Bob Dylan has at last won the Nobel Prize for Literature!

Collector's Edition with 2 Blu-ray discs - picture from
28 Sep 2016: Thanks to Éamonn Ó Catháin for news that there will be four 40th Anniversary editions of The Last Waltz by The Band, on CD, vinyl and Blu-ray. The 6LP Deluxe Vinyl set contains the complete audio from the concert, including rehearsals and outtakes, pressed on 180-gram vinyl for the first time and presented in an ornate hinged box. More information will be added when available. There will also be a regular 2CD remastered set, a Deluxe Edition with the complete audio on 4 CDs plus a remastered release of the Martin Scorsese film on Blu-ray disc, and a Collector's Edition limited to 2,500 with the complete audio on CD, the film on Blu-ray, a second Blu-ray disc with rarely seen interviews and a 5.1 audio mix of the original release, plus a 300 page hardback book.
Deluxe Vinyl edition -picture from

Deluxe Edition - picture from

Standard Edition - picture from

28 Sep 2016: Thanks to Éamonn Ó Catháin and Fred Muller for news that the "50th Anniversary Collection" this year will be a massive 36CD limited edition boxed set to be called The 1966 Live Recordings, to be released on 11 Nov 2016. The track list of all 36 CDs is available online and more information will be given when available, but many online sources have already sold out.

24 Sep 2016: Thanks to Kevin Carroll for information about a 140gm vinyl 2LP Columbia/Legacy release of The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert! (from 26 May 1966, not Manchester, 17 May 1966) on Record Store Day, 25 Nov 2016. There will also be a 2CD release on 11 Nov 2016. More information will be given when available.

24 Nov 2015: Please note, in order to reduce the huge number of submissions, only submit scans of new items. If you have variant copies of items already listed on the site, please submit only a text description of your item that can be pasted into the web page. That will make the additions significantly easier to handle, and avoid web pages becoming too long. This is a new permanent policy for the site. Thank you for your co-operation.

20 Nov 2015: Announcing the impending publication of "Bob Dylan Worldwide -The First Twenty Years" - the first instalment of what will hopefully be the definite Dylan discography, published by Christoph Maus and Maus of Music, Hamburg, Germany. This will be published in advance of Bob's 75th birthday, in mid-April 2016. Heartfelt thanks to all the contributors to this site who have helped with preparing this book - they will be credited for their contributions.  Sample pages from the book are shown here.

26 Aug 2015: Thanks to "Isis" 181 for information that Hard To Handle, the 1986 live concert recording by Bob Dylan with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, was prepared by Sony Music for a DVD release, but finally cancelled because Sony execs believe that people don't buy music DVDs any more! This is of course, stupid. The Rolling Stones have just released a concert filmed live at the Marquee in London from 1971 on DVD and Blu-ray, and released videos of concerts from 1975 and 1981 in 2014. People who watch everything on their smartphones may not buy music DVDs, but Dylan and Stones fans, of whom there are more than enough to make these releases commercially successful, do buy them! Time to rethink that decision, Sony! Trust me, any Dylan release will always make money for you!

26 Nov 2014: Thanks to Fred Muller for information that information that Bob performed a private concert at Philadelphia's Academy of Music on 23 Nov 2014 for the Swedish TV programme "Experiment Ensam [Experiment Alone]", a series in which people experience alone events that usually take place for large crowds. The solo audience member was Fredrik Wikingsson, a Swedish TV presenter. The four song set list was: Heartbeat (written by Bob Montgomery/Norman Petty, made famous by Buddy Holly); Blueberry Hill (written by Vincent Rose/Larry Stock/Al Lewis, made famous by Fats Domino); It's Too Late (She's Gone) (Chuck Willis) and an unknown blues jam. As well as being shown on Swedish TV, these performances will be released on YouTube on 15 Dec 2014. Thanks to Ed Ricardo for information that the unknown blues jam is Key to the Highway (Charles Segar/Big Bill Broonzy).

18 Sep 2014: Thanks to Arie de Reus for information about the auction on eBay of a test pressing of Don Nix's 1976 album Gone Too Long which is claimed in an attached handwritten note by publicist Don Graham to include guest artists Leon Russell, George Harrison, John Mayall, Duck Dunn and Bob Dylan. Bob's involvement is not documented by Dundas, Krogsgaard or Heylin, so I haven't added anything to the Official Rarities list for now.

21 Aug 2014: The design by Charles Sappington on the front sleeve of Knocked Out Loaded (1986) was thought to be inspired by a scene from a Gregory Peck Western "Duel In The Sun" (MGM, 1946), directed by King Vidor, which also starred Jennifer Jones (thought to be the woman on the left). However, "Isis" #175 includes Internet reports from Scott Warmuth and Fred Bals that the picture has nothing to do with "Duel In The Sun"! It originally appeared on the front of the American pulp magazine "Spicy-Adventure Stories", Jan 1939 (left). The artwork is by Harry Lemon Parkhurst and illustrates a story called "Daughters of Doom", written by E. Hoffmann Price. Also shown on the right is very similar cover art by Harry Lemon Parkhurst.

7 Jul 2014: Thanks to Jeff Gold, Bruce Mulle and several others for news of 149 Dylan acetates from the Nashville Skyline/Self Portrait/New Morning era that were found in a New York building in West Houston Street, Greenwich Village, that was once rented by Bob as a studio. These have been named "The West Houston Street Acetates" and contain many unreleased versions of Dylan songs from the period. They will be listed in full on the 2014 page when time permits. For full details, see here.

WGPart1.jpg (20444 bytes)
A Tribute To Woody Guthrie Part One (Columbia)
2 Dec 2013: Thanks to Harold Lepidus for information that Bill Pagel of Boblinks fame is working with Nora Guthrie, daughter of Woody, and Bear Family Records to release all three of the 1968 and 1970 shows of the Tribute To Woody Guthrie in full. Bob appeared with The Band at Carnegie Hall, New York, Jan 1968, for three songs, I Ain't Got No Home, Dear Mrs. Roosevelt and The Grand Coulee Dam, and also participated in the ensemble finale songs This Land Is Your Land from the matinee and This Train Is Bound For Glory from the evening show. There was also a show at the Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA, in 1970, but Bob did not participate. Highlights from these three shows were released in 1972 on Columbia (Part One with the three afternoon show performances from Bob and The Band but only a truncated This Train Is Bound For Glory) and Warner Bros (Part Two with This Land Is Your Land), with songs from the three shows spread over both releases out of performance order. As these releases are unsatisfactory and omit Bob and The Band's 1968 evening performances a new complete release of the shows is well overdue. For more details of existing releases, see 1972. WoodyPart2Front.jpg (19781 bytes)
A Tribute To Woody Guthrie Part Two (Warner Bros)

26 Nov 2013: So long, eBay! This web-site has an ongoing huge backlog of additions, all with high quality artwork, and several important new Dylan releases to add between now and Christmas. In view of the poor quality of description and illustration of items from eBay and other online auction sites, together with the high probability that items are counterfeit, no more items from such sites will be considered for inclusion here. I've also been told that featuring eBay items here has led to higher prices. Thanks to those who have submitted eBay links in the past, but please don't do so in future under any circumstances.

As an example, look at the scan by Manuel García Jara and a photo of the same single from an online auction site. The digital photo is appalling (and shows the wrong side of the sleeve)!

Columbia 4-43346 (USA) - A-side in Columbia Record Club sleeve, scan by Manuel García Jara

Columbia 4-43346 (USA) - A-side in Columbia Record Club sleeve, photo from online auction site

1 Oct 2012: Thanks to Harold Lepidus for news that Neil Young is upgrading two classic Dylan albums to play on his new "Pono" device (a type of iPod with superior music quality).  For more information go to .

31 Mar 2011: Thanks to Helen Jenkins of Digital Musical Video for news that a clip of Bob performing Maggie's Farm from the Newport Folk Festival, 1965, is available on YouTube here . The full video, sale of which has been authorised by Bob, can be purchased from iTunes. The Digital Video Singles site is here: .

24 Mar 2011: Thanks to Tom Willems for news that the 2011 European 3CD release of Biograph contains the stereo overdubbed alternate take of Mixed Up Confusion from the 1985 release of the set (R-0748 see 1962 and 1985). If this is a deliberate change, and not just a "Columbia Cock-up" that will soon be corrected as in 1997, then the stereo version of the original single (see 1962) will become a rarity again! This new release is in an "ecolbook", which is the size of a DVD case and contains spindles for the three CDs plus a bound-in booklet.

3 Feb 2011: Thanks to Ed Ricardo for finding these interesting items which are said to be picture disc editions of the Columbia Canada releases. However, as far as I know, no Dylan picture discs have ever been released by Columbia worldwide. Pity, because they are attractive albums and cost only around $30 each  I have no idea about the quality, but I would think most purchasers will want to display rather than play them!
../1960s/NSQSpFront.jpg (21021 bytes) 2 Feb 2011: Thanks to Éamonn Ó Catháin for a rumour that the Dylan Quadraphonic album releases from the 1970s will be released on SA-CD in 2011. This I'd like to see!

The three quadraphonic releases I know about are Nashville Skyline, Planet Waves and Desire. They were all released on SA-CD in 2003, but not in 5.1 surround sound.

8 Jan 2011: Thanks to Ingo Friedrich and Dag Braathen for pictures from eBay of fake copies of World Gone Wrong with white, blue and green vinyl records. These are not official Columbia releases and you are recommended not to buy them.

Thanks to Stuart Moore for news that copies of Good As I Been To You with blue, green and yellow vinyl records are on eBay Australia.

2 Sep 2010: Thanks to Jason Gluskin for news of his new painting called "Girl From The North Country" of Bob and Johnny Cash duetting in Nashville, TN. For more details, see .
10 Aug 2010: Music Philosophy is offering a wide range of free mobile phone backgrounds based on song lyrics. There are two Bob quotes, from Like A Rolling Stone and Not Dark Yet. For more details, see here.

3 Mar 2010: Sony abandons CD promos - thanks to Ian Woodward for news that Sony Music is becoming the first major record company in the UK to abandon CD promos in favour of digital downloads.

24 Jan 2010: Thanks to Fred Muller for news that Fred Bals is also seeking financial assistance to write a book on Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour "Night Time in the Big City: Stories From Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour", for more information see or . Thanks to Arie de Reus for news that sound engineer Micajah Ryan is writing a book to be called "Working with Dylan, my Memories of Recording Two Albums". Micajah Ryan worked with Bob and producer Debbie Gold on Good As I Been To You and World Gone Wrong in 1992-93. For details on how you can support this project, see

6 Jan 2010: Thanks to Laurence J. Epstein for information about his "Dylan Watch" article on "Bob Dylan's Voice", see . For information about his forthcoming book "Political Folk Music in America from its Origins to Bob Dylan", see .

2 Dec 2009: Thanks to Ian Woodward for news that the UN is releasing a documentary film called "Hard Rain: Our Headlong Collision with Nature" to mark this month's climate change conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. The film consists of a live performance by Bob of A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall with images by photographer Mark Edwards. The film will be released on DVD at the start of the conference. Thanks to Larry Crum for confirming the performance is from Carnegie Hall,  New York, 26 Oct 1963, and can currently be found of CD1 of The Bootleg Series Vol. 7 - No Direction Home: The Soundtrack (2005) along with When The Ship Comes In.  For six further songs from Carnegie Hall, see the limited release Bob Dylan Live At Carnegie Hall 1963 (2005). For more information, see . For a BBC News article, see .

Photo from eBay - the handwritten text is almost unreadable
2 Mar 2009: Thanks to Arie de Reus for information about a UK acetate of I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine and Drifter's Escape from John Wesley Harding on eBay that purports to contain alternate takes to the released versions. Arie doesn't think it's genuine, but to check it out see here.

18 Dec 2008: Thanks to Jack Guerreiro for information that Sony may be releasing a 2CD Legacy Edition of  Blood On The Tracks with CD1 being the album as released in 1975 and CD2 including the complete withdrawn "New York" version of the album with five replaced tracks, see 1974. I suspect this release is very unlikely!

15 Dec 2008: Thanks to Gil Walker for news about a tape being auctioned on eBay that was recorded during the Nashville Skyline sessions at Columbia Recording Studios, Nashville, TN, 14 Feb 1969, with five out-takes of Lay, Lady, Lay and a previously uncirculating song Going To Chicago. This has been added to the Starlight in The East "G" page. It has different lyrics from Doc Watson's Going To Chicago Blues, so may be a Dylan original.

Thanks to Tim Dunn for information that this tape with five takes of Lay, Lady, Lay is part of what in 1993 were known as "The Lost Warehouse Tapes". These were between 2200 and 3000 reels of tape recorded between 1953 and 1971, discarded by Columbia and acquired by record producer Clark Enslin. Other recordings by Bob are known to be Mr. Bojangles (released on the 1973 Dylan album), Wild Thing, Blue Moon, Ring Of Fire and Take A Message To Mary.

19 May 2008
: Ian Woodward's "Wicked Messenger" column in "Isis" issue 138 reports that Bob has put music to some of the "Shoebox Songs" - unpublished lyrics left by Hank Williams in notebooks and papers in a shoebox. Apparently an album featuring Bob and other artists will be released by Sony later this year. Norah Jones performed one of the Shoebox Songs in New York in Mar 2008 with music written by herself.

14 May 2007: Thanks to David Plentus and Harold Lepidus for news that Classic Records are to release a stereo 200gm vinyl version of the withdrawn edition of  The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan with the four replaced tracks (see 1963). This will be released as a 2LP set with the regular version. For more information, see .

26 Sep 2006: Thanks to Harold Lepidus and Jean-Pol Hiernaux for news that Bob's friend from Hibbing, Ric Kangas, is auctioning a three-song tape from 1959 and other memorabilia with a starting price of $25,000. The songs on the tape reel are When I Got Troubles (included in the 2005 release of The Bootleg Series Vol. 7 - No Direction Home), The Frog Song, I Got A New Girl. The site is Heritage Auction Galleries - for more details, see here .

31 Aug 2006: Thanks to Harold Lepidus for news that a forthcoming tribute album to songwriter Peter LaFarge will include Bob's recording of The Ballad Of Ira Hayes from the long-deleted Columbia Dylan album - see 1973.

7 Aug 2006: Thanks to Ian Woodward and others for news that the Royal Festival Hall, London, 17 May 1964 concert is being considered for release as a "mini album" of eight tracks, rather like last year's incomplete "Gaslight Tapes" and "Carnegie Hall" releases. Two of these performances, Mr. Tambourine Man and Eternal Circle, turned up in 2004 on a Fantasy Records acetate of the unreleased 1964 Bob Dylan In Concert album (see 1964 and 2004).

22 Mar 2006: Thanks to Artur Jarosinski for information about Wolfgang's Vault . This is a site primarily selling memorabilia, much from the archives of legendary rock promoter Bill Graham (of the Fillmore East and West), whose actual first name was Wolfgang. The site also has an online radio which plays live performances from Bill Graham's collection, including many with Bob. For more information see here.

Picture from
6 Nov 2005: Christies in Rockefeller Plaza, New York, is auctioning this tape made by Peter McKenzie on Thanksgiving, 1961. It is about 60 mins in length and has seven songs by Bob: Baby, Let Me Follow You Down, San Francisco Bay Blues, You're No Good, House Of The Rising Sun, In My Time Of Dying, Highway 51 and This Land Is Your Land, with two instrumentals and interjections from the McKenzie Family, Suze Rotolo, Kevin Krown, and other people present. The selling price is expected to be between $40,000-60,000! The auction will  take place on 21 Nov 2005. The lot also includes the two microphones used to record the performances (shown on the left of the picture).

It's important to note that "This recording is offered for sale without copyright, broadcast rights, performers' consents and other reproduction rights." Therefore it's unlikely this material will be officially released any time soon!

28 Oct 2005: Thanks to Jack Guerreiro for the information that, in addition to the Capitol 6 disc set The Band: A Musical History (see 2005), there will be an 8CD set of Levon and The Hawks called Bacon Fat And Judgement Day released by the Canadian label Other People's Music. This will include 1967 Woodstock Basement Tapes material, and may include tracks with Bob. For more information, see . In a reply to a query from Jack, OPM said:

"There were many recordings from "The Basement" which excluded Bob Dylan. OPM Inc. supplied a few of these for the Band Box Set: Words And Numbers, You Don't Come Through, etc., on disc 1. There's more that is currently being considered for inclusion in The Hawks' Box Set.

Any songs including Bob Dylan would require his consent. If we were able to include any material of the Hawks featuring Bob Dylan on lead vocals from "The Basement", we would focus only on a few selections. Those considered would be cover songs... Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, etc., as this project is about The Hawks. They would not be Dylan originals. Certainly we hope to include the other version of "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" with Dylan singing lead and the Hawks singing back-up harmonies. Robbie originally wished to include both versions; with and without Dylan. Despite the report in the liner notes by Rob Blowman that this version was too distorted to use, I'm not sure that the esteemed Mr. Blowman has even heard the entire version of this song; certainly not a restored version. It's quite haunting."

Picture from eBay
21 Oct 2005: Thanks to Ian Woodward for information about the May 1959 Ric Kangas tape, which was offered on eBay for $1.5 million! It contains four songs: When I Got Troubles (on The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home), Teen Love Serenade (a short excerpt is featured in the "No Direction Home" film), and two other songs, I Wish I Knew (song by Ric Kangas with Bob backing), and The Frog Song (a song by Bob with Clarence "Frogman" Henry-style vocals). Thanks to Jean-Pol Hiernaux for finding the item on eBay. It's now closed and there were no bids!
Picture from eBay

21 Aug 2005: Thanks to Peter Stone Brown and Fred Muller for news that the four songs performed by Bob in his role as Bobby the Hobo in the 1962 BBC TV drama "Madhouse On Castle Street" have been restored after being thought long lost. These are an early version of Blowin' In The Wind, Ballad Of A Gliding Swan, The Cuckoo, and Hang Me, Oh Hang Me. The songs are due to be broadcast in Sep 2005 in an Arena documentary on BBC4, "Dylan In The Madhouse", shown as part of a Bob Dylan season including the BBC screening of "No Direction Home". I doubt if they will be officially released in any form, but I'll add further information when available.

13 Jun 2005: Thanks to Gil Walker for information about the Larry Keegan disc that failed to sell on eBay in 2002 (see below). The tracklist is mentioned in Greil Marcus' new book about Like A Rolling Stone, and is said to be covers of:

Ready Teddy (Little Richard)
Confidential (Sonny Knight)
Boppin' The Blues (Carl Perkins)
Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price)
In The Still Of The Nite (5 Satins)
Let The Good Times Roll (Shirley/Lee)
Earth Angel (Penguins)

There are only seven songs as opposed to the eight mentioned below. Apparently the quality of both the sound and the performances is awful!

In Mar 2003 it was reported that all the 1960s Broadside recordings, including Bob's listed on this site, are to be transferred to CD using a grant from America's National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. For more details, see .

Picture from eBay
On 20 Nov 2002, I reported that the latest issue of "Isis" magazine (#105) says that the 1956 acetate shown left only attracted a single bid on eBay for $1! I've since learned that the record is definitely genuine, and is being sold by the sister of Bob's long-time friend Larry Keegan, who died in Sep 2001. However the price being asked ($150,000-$200,000) was very high for an item which could only be acquired for a personal collection, since there would seem no likelihood of the owner being able to use it for commercial benefit. I still don't have details of the songs on the acetate.

The eBay description of this acetate is as follows: "This vintage master sound recording from 1956 features Bob Dylan, a legendary performer and composer, an icon of Rock & Roll. It was recorded on Christmas Eve in the recording facility of Telinde Music, a retail music store in St. Paul, Minnesota. It is the earliest known recording of Bob Dylan at the age of 15, a very unique master. There are approximately eight minutes of eight recorded songs on the disc, with Bob playing piano and singing, accompanied by Larry Keegan and Howard Rutman on vocals. This 10 inch 78 rpm solid aluminium, vinyl coated record is in excellent condition."

On 30 Jan 2002 I reported: "Bob Dylan is reported to be one of the musicians participating in an album of tribute to the Cuban singer and songwriter Pablo Milanés, according to informed journal "Cuban Rebellious Youth" yesterday. The album, called Pablo Querido, will be published by PM (Pablo Milanés) Récords in February 2002." That album appeared without Bob, but Bob and other artists such as Sting, Harry Belafonte, Stevie Wonder and Peter Gabriel may now appear on a new album tentatively called Pablo Querido 2, with Bob performing on a song called Dónde Andarán [Where They Will Walk]. For more details, see (in Spanish).

A "new" Townes Van Zandt release called Van Zandt Country was scheduled to be released in the USA on Tomato/Glitterhouse Records in the "early summer" of 2002. It was supposed to feature duets with Bob Dylan (For The Sake Of The Song), Lyle Lovett (Flyin' Shoes), Van Morrison (Snow Don't Fall), and Neil Young (Loretta). Glen Dundas told me that around ten years ago there were rumours in Austin, TX, about a collaboration between Bob and Townes Van Zandt, but they were never confirmed. Thanks to Paul Read for details of his interval chat with Townes during the interval at his performance at the Winning Post in York in mid 1994, when they spoke about the duets project and Dylan's involvement (which Townes was still waiting for). It now appears most likely that the duet did not happen during Townes' lifetime and Bob's contribution has been recorded posthumously. Re the Townes Van Zandt duets (see "Older News" below), Rod MacBeath writes: "One little bit of news relates to the Townes Van Zandt duets album Vol. 2, featuring Townes and Bob on For The Sake Of The Song. The last I heard, this release had been put back to Spring 2003, thought there are great disputes between Townes' widow and the producer about his over-production standards and both seem to think that they have a legal right to the final say.  I'm sure, as you stated, that Bob's contribution was only done after Townes' death. I spoke to him in '94 and '95 about it (see the first issue of  "The Bridge") and it was clear that things were a long way off happening. There is the possibility that Bob recorded more than one song though - I recall hearing that up to three was a possibility,  and some artistes will have been featured more than once by the time all five volumes are out (or if all five come out). Of course, the intention may have been simply to get a selection of duets of the same song to choose from."

Before he died George Harrison was working with Jeff Lynne on a Traveling Wilburys anthology (perhaps a boxed set) called Maximum Traveling, which would have contained all the previously released material (see Traveling Wilburys), plus previously unreleased tracks, such as a cover of Paul Simon's Run That Body Down, and three 1990 tracks with Del Shannon as the replacement for Roy Orbison. The 2007 Wilburys boxed set release supersedes this, but we live in hope of  more from the Wilburys!

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