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"There are those who worship loneliness, I'm not one of them,
In this age of fibreglass I'm searching for a gem."

Bob Dylan, "Dirge", ©
1973/2001 by Ram's Horn Music

A list-in-progress of officially released but elusive recordings of Bob Dylan, compiled by Alan Fraser.

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All the songs listed in the Official Rarities section are cross-referenced by song title in these alphabetical pages.

Living In Another Country: International Stereo Releases

Starlight In The East: Bob Dylan’s Unreleased Songs

Bob Dylan at the Movies: An Overview of all Films with Dylan Performances

The Blonde On Blonde Missing Pictures
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28 Oct 2014: Thanks to Harold Lepidus for information that the long-awaited DVD release of the complete 1978-82 US TV series WKRP In Cincinatti will be released for the first time in the USA by Shout! Factory today. Music rights problems meant that reruns of the show had to have generic music substituted and thwarted earlier attempts to release the series on DVD, but Shout! Factory have secured the rights to 90% of the original music, including two contributions from Bob. Thanks to Dag Braathen for information that the episode "Hold Up" (Series 1, Episode 5, 16 Oct 1978) featured Like A Rolling Stone from Highway 61 Revisited and the episode "Mike Fright" (Series 2, Episode 7, 12 Nov 1979) featured Gotta Serve Somebody from Slow Train Coming.

27 Oct 2014: Bob has amazed fans by performing the Frank Sinatra classic Stay With Me, written by Jerome Moross and Carolyn Leigh, the theme tune from the 1963 Otto Preminger film, "The Cardinal", as the last encore from the Dolby Theater, Hollywood, CA, on 26 Oct 2014. This must be another song from his forthcoming Sinatra covers album, Shadows In The Night, now expected in Feb 2015.

22 Oct 2014: Thanks to Harold Lepidus for information that this soundtrack album of The Big Lebowski including The Man In Me from New Morning will be released for the first time on vinyl in the USA on Record Store Day, 28 Nov 2014. The record will be on cream-coloured vinyl.

8 Oct 2014: Thanks to Paul S. Levine for information that Simon & Schuster will publish Bob Dylan's "THE LYRICS: Since 1962" on 28 Oct 2014. They call it "the first comprehensive, rigorously annotated, and definitive collection of Bob Dylan's lyrics to be published" and say it is the product of a collaboration "over many years between Dylan and a team of editors led by Sir Christopher Ricks, Warren Professor of the Humanities and co-director of the Editorial Institute at Boston University". The full-colour volume of 1,034 pages will be limited to a single printing of 3,000 copies, retailing for $200 each. Separately, Dylan will sell 50 boxed, numbered and signed editions - for $5,000 each - through www.dylansignedbook.com. Although "Isis" have sold out, I have ordered a regular copy from Waterstones, so hopefully I shall get one.

28 Sep 2014: Thanks to Éamonn Ó Catháin for news that the final set of albums in The Complete Album Collection will be released by Sony Music in Japan on 20 Dec 2014. These range from Under The Red Sky (SICP-30580) to Tempest (SICP-30589).

18 Sep 2014: Thanks to Arie de Reus for information about the auction on eBay of a test pressing of Don Nix's 1976 album Gone Too Long which is claimed in an attached handwritten note by publicist Don Graham to include guest artists Leon Russell, George Harrison, John Mayall, Duck Dunn and Bob Dylan. Bob's involvement is not documented by Dundas, Krogsgaard or Heylin, so I haven't added anything to the Official Rarities list for now.

9 Sep 2014: "Rolling Stone" confirms the Paul McCartney track performed by Bob on the double album called The Art Of McCartney, to be released by Arctic Poppy Music on 17 Nov 2014 (Europe)/18 Nov 2014 (USA) will be Things We Said Today from A Hard Day's Night. There will be 32 artists involved, including Jamie Cullum, Roger Daltrey, Barry Gibb, Billy Joel, Willie Nelson, Corinne Bailey Rae, Brian Wilson and Jeff Lynne, as well as Bob Dylan. Thanks to John Willy Bakke for news there will be a "Super Deluxe Exclusive" 4CD set as well as the regular set on 2CDs or vinyl.

8 Sep 2014: Thanks to Arie de Reus and Wiebke Dittmer for news that what purports to be a French CD-R promo single of Full Moon And Empty Arms is being auctioned on eBay. It is sadly a fake and you are advised not to bid on it. Hervé from France says that there is a legitimate French promo CD-R in a plastic wallet with a paper insert (only 50 have been made), but the copies in a card sleeve are indeed fake.

5 Sep 2014: Thanks to Harold Lepidus for news that Bob's version of Full Moon And Empty Arms from the expected album Shadows In The Night has now been removed from bobdylan.com.


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All the songs listed in the Official Rarities section are cross-referenced by song title in these alphabetical pages.

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This site is respectfully dedicated to the memory of Larry "Lambchop" Eden, who followed Bob all over the world for many years, and sadly died in 2007. I bought part of his Dylan collection when he was raising money to move to India some years before. He's one of the few fans Bob has ever acknowledged from the stage, saying "This is Lambchop. He's been to more of my shows than I have!". Let's hear it for the Chopper!

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All the songs listed on this web-site are cross-referenced by song title in these alphabetical pages.

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