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Bob Dylan's Officially Released Rarities and Obscurities

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Living In Another Country: International Stereo Releases

Starlight In The East: Bob Dylan’s Unreleased Songs

Who really wrote Blowin' In The Wind?
Who really wrote "Blowin' In The Wind"?

The Blonde On Blonde Missing Pictures
The Blonde On Blonde Missing Pictures

Who really wrote "A Fool Such As I"

The Liner Notes That Sank
The Missing Liner Notes from Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Vol. 3

My 2004 (Dylan-related) review of Stephen King's "Song of Susannah"

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions Blowin' In The Wind covers

Honourable Mentions Video

Questionable Releases

Questionable Releases (Official Dylan Albums)


Questionable Releases (Official Dylan Singles)

Questionable Video


Lists compiled from "Searching For A Gem"

The pages below contain lists of tracks that aren't on Bob's regular albums. There is no overlap between them, each rarity is listed on one page only.

Mr. D's Collection 2001
"Mr. D's Apocrypha"
(Tracks that aren't on Bob's regular albums on Columbia releases)

Bob's "Field Recordings" 1961-87
Bob's Early "Field Recordings" 1961-87

The Never-Ending Tour Official "Field Recordings"
Bob Dylan's Never-Ending Tour Official "Field Recordings"
(1988 onwards) 

Bob's Appearances on Compilations
Bob's Appearances on Compilations
(including Film Soundtracks)

Duets with Bob
Duets with Bob

Bob Supporting Other Artists
Bob "On The Side"

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