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This new page collects non-album song performances and interviews by Bob Dylan on DVD from 2010 onwards. I would be grateful for any additional information on these items and other material to place here. Video material included on CD-ROMs or CD Plus discs is still in the main directory in the appropriate part. Unauthorised documentaries or compilations of performance footage are now included in Questionable Video. For 2010 onwards films with Dylan album tracks, see VHS & DVD: Films with Dylan Album Tracks 2010s.

Films are listed by date of original appearance (in theatres or on TV), not when the VHS video or DVD came out, often some years later. This page does not include songs from regular albums that appear in films or videos without performance footage, nor do I include music videos of standard album tracks - for a full Dylan filmography, see "Expecting Rain" or "TV Talkin'"

For informed discussion of all Bob's screen appearances, see C.P. Lee's well-received book "Like A Bullet Of Light ".

Thanks to Jean-Pierre Mercier for laserdisc details and catalogue numbers and Michel Pomarede for scans. Thanks also to Larry Crum for checking these entries against his own collection, "Positively Bob Dylan" by Michael Krogsgaard, "Bob Dylan on Video" (article in "Record Collector" magazine, Sep 1992), and several other sources. All scans that aren't credited are from my own collection or

If you have any entries to add to the list or additions/corrections to existing entries, please let me know! Please note I cannot value your Dylan rarities - see the Mission page for reasons why. Contact the dealers on my Trading page for assistance!

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When Blu-ray titles were originally released they were region-free, but now they are also region-encoded, with North and South America as Region A, Europe/Australasia/Africa as Region B and Central Asia including China as Region C. This is a very retrograde step!

Revised: 22 July, 2021.

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"Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President" - documentary film released in the USA, 9 Sep 2020; DVD release: Kino Lorber K25111 (USA), 2020:

Kino Lorber K25111 (USA) - DVD front scan by Jack from Canada

Kino Lorber K25111 (USA) - outside of DVD insert, scan by Jack from Canada

Kino Lorber K25111 (USA) - screenshot by Jack from Canada

US film poster, picture from

Kino Lorber K25111 (USA) - DVD rear scan by Jack from Canada

Bob Dylan and Jimmy Carter in 2015, copyright Getty Images

Atlantic Records AR 2078 (Indonesia) - outside of unofficial cassette insert, scan by Dag Braathen (1976)

Kino Lorber K25111 (USA) - DVD scan by Jack from Canada

Thanks to Éamonn Ó Catháin for news about Bob's appearance in a new documentary film, Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President, directed by Mary Wharton. The film includes Dylan album tracks, video footage and new interview material with Bob talking about Jimmy. The Dylan music content is:

Mr. Tambourine Man (audio from Bringing It All Back Home)
Maggie's Farm (audio from Bringing It All Back Home)
Pressing On (live 1980, audio and video from The Bootleg Series Vol. 13 - Trouble No More 1979-1981)

There is also silent footage of Dylan performing at the Isle Of Wight 1969.

Illustrated is an unofficial cassette release from Indonesia which imagines Bob Dylan promoting the candidacy of Jimmy Carter for President of the USA in his 1976 campaign.

Thanks to Jack from Canada and Dag Braathen for information and scans.


"1971 The Year That Music Changed Everything" - Apple TV series, available in the USA May 2021:

Screenshot by T. J. Jenkins
Episode 1 of this eight-part streamed TV series contains If Not For You by Bob Dylan and George Harrison from the rehearsal for Concert for Bangladesh, Madison Square Garden, New York, 1 Aug 1971.

R-2332 If Not For You - Bob and George Harrison performing this song at the rehearsals for the Concert for Bangladesh
This is an edited version of R-0723, but different from R-0484, see below.

BanglaVHS.jpg (88071 bytes)
Apple/Paramount 15167 (USA) - 1993 VHS cassette release with R-0484 (my copy)

Apple/Warner Music Vision/Rhino 0349-70481-2 (Europe) - front of 2005 boxed DVD set with R-0484 and R-0723 (my copy)

Columbia 4-45516 (USA) - 1971 promo A-side scan by Hans Seegers (R-0085)

André Wilbers has analysed the clip and found it is a merging of two parts, the beginning of the performance and the end of the performance. This is not the same as the R-0484 excerpt.

Previous occurrences of this performance are:

R-0484 If Not For You - a short clip of Bob and George Harrison performing this song early in the film, not included on the soundtrack album, see VHS & DVD 1970s

R-0723 If Not For You - Bob and George Harrison performing the full version of the song at the rehearsals for the Concert for Bangladesh, from the 2005 expanded DVD edition of The Concert For Bangladesh, Oct 2005, see VHS & DVD 2000s Part 3 (full version of R-0484)

Episode 5 also contains Dylan-related footage:

1: Excerpt of George Jackson Acoustic version accompanying footage of George Jackson's funeral

The entire episode provides a great background and context for this song.

R-0085-7   George Jackson - Acoustic version, from 1971 Columbia single (see 1971), lyrics on here
Also available on the 1974 Japanese limited release LP Mr D's Collection #1 (see 1974), and the 1993 Japanese limited release CD Mr D's Collection #3 (see 1993). This version was not released on commercial CD until it was included on a bonus disc with the Dutch release of The Essential Bob Dylan (see 2003), and then on the Light In The Attic US release
Listen, Whitey! The Sounds Of Black Power 1967-74 (see 2012), on the 2013 2CD set Side Tracks, included with The Complete Album Collection Vol. One (see 2013), and on the Sony Music Holland 2CD release Top 40 Bob Dylan, see 2019.

2: Part of the 1965 Subterranean Homesick Blues cue-card sequence from Don't Look Back, see VHS & DVD 1960s.

Front of 2LP set, picture from Universal Music web-site
There is an associated 2LP set released on Island Records but it does not contain any Dylan.

Thanks to André Wilbers and T. J. Jenkins for information and screenshot.

"Odds And Ends" - Sony Pictures/Amazon Prime documentary, available in the USA 22 Jun 2021:

Picture from
Bob Dylan's "Odds And Ends" is a new two-hour film made up of archival interviews, promotional videos, and documentary shorts. It tells the stories of some of the most important moments in the legendary artist's career. Apparently there is no material that will be new to Dylan fans. The video can by bought or rented by Amazon customers in the USA in High or Standard Definition.

For more information see here: Bob Dylan Film ‘Odd and Ends’ Being Released Digitally by SME – The Hollywood Reporter.

Contents: Roy Silver Interview; Inside The Witmark Demos; Stick With Mono! The Original Mono Recordings; Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues Music Video; The Story of The Cutting Edge;
Bringing It All Back Home The Story of the Album Cover; Highway 61 Revisited The Story of the Album Cover; Blonde On Blonde The Story of the Album Cover; Visions of Johanna Music
Video; The Untold Story of The 1966 Live Recordings; From The Village To The Basement; The Basement Tapes The Legendary Tale; The Story of Travelin’ Thru Dylan in Nashville;
Reflections of Another Self Portrait; Columbia Records In-House Sales Video for Blood On The Tracks; Dylan Career Spanning Hits Promo.

Thanks to Jack from Canada and André Wilbers for information.

"Shadow Kingdom" - Veep Productions fiilm, available in the USA 18 Jul 2021:

Picture from
On 16 Jun 2021 announced Shadow Kingdom, an exclusive online broadcast event that took place on Sunday 18 Jul 2021 at 2 p.m. PT (10 p.m. British Summer Time). Bob performed songs from his extensive body of work "in an intimate setting".

In my opinion Shadow Kingdom was a triumph, even though it only lasted 50 minutes! Some people have criticised the presentation but Bob's singing was excellent and the band of new musicians played well on very recognisable versions of the songs. The film was directed and edited by Israeli film-maker Alma Har'el, the woman who directed 2012's "Bombay Beach" (in Southern California, not India) with three Dylan songs, see VHS & DVD (Films with Dylan Album Tracks) 2010-19. It is my hope it will be released as an official DVD/Blu-ray/CD some time. Rumour has it that as it mostly featured Bob's early songs there will be two more episodes with songs from different periods. Bring 'em on!

The band on stage was Alex Burke, Shahzad Ismaily, Janie Cowen, Buck Meek and Joshua Crumbly. However, it is reported that these young musicians only mimed and the tracks were actually recorded in a Los Angeles Studio in May 2021 with Bob's regular band. The location of the show is given as the "Bob Bob Club, Marseilles, France", but this is entirely fictional!

Set list:

When I Paint My Masterpiece; Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine); Queen Jane Approximately; I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight; Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues; Tombstone Blues; To Be Alone With You; What Was It You Wanted?; Forever Young; Pledging My Time; The Wicked Messenger; Watching The River Flow; It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.

Thanks to André Wilbers for his outstanding help.

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