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Bob Dylan: Masterpieces Collection (Italy, 2011)

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 This page is part of a list of original releases by release date of international commercially-released multi-packs of regular stereo Dylan albums. These are listed here to save multiple entries on each album page. They do not contain rarities or obscurities and are not eligible for the Searching For A Gem list. Nevertheless, their interest value or scarcity means they're worth listing here - as far as I know some are not included on any other Internet site.

These pages are still incomplete - if you have any entries to add to the list or additions/corrections to existing entries, please let me know! Please note I cannot value your Dylan rarities - see the Mission page for reasons why. Contact the dealers on my Trading page for assistance!

Revised 20 July, 2022.

"Bob Dylan: Masterpieces Collection" - 40CD set in box with "TV Sorrisi E Cantone [TV Smiles And Songs]" magazine, Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music (catalogue number?) (Italy), 10 Feb 2011 - 23 Jun 2011:

Picture found by Hervé from France
Thanks to Harold Lepidus, Giuseppe Gazerro, Wil Gielen and Hervé from France for information that the Italian magazine "TV Sorrisi E Canzoni [TV Smiles And Songs]" is including 40 Dylan CDs in double packs from the issue published on 10 Feb 2011. It will also be possible to buy a box for €13 to house all the CDs. They will have special artwork including the magazine logo on the front of each CD insert and different credits on the rear inserts. Some of the issues will also have a Dylan book in Italian. The CD pairs are:

1)   Highway 61 Revisited - Time Out Of Mind (10 Feb 2011)
2)   Blonde On Blonde - Dylan And The Dead (17 Feb 2011)
3)   The Times They Are A-Changin' - Good As I Been To You (24 Feb 2011)
4)   Blood On The Tracks - "Love And Theft" (3 Mar 2011)
5)   Bob Dylan - World Gone Wrong (10 Mar 2011)
6)   The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - Modern Times (17 Mar 2011)
7)   Nashville Skyline - Oh Mercy (24 Mar 2011)
8)   Self Portrait - Shot Of Love (31 Mar 2011)
9)   New Morning - Together Through Life (7 Apr 2011)
10) Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid - Infidels (14 Apr 2011)
11) Planet Waves - Empire Burlesque (21 Apr 2011)
12) Another Side Of Bob Dylan - Saved (28 Apr 2011)
13) Desire - Real Live (5 May 2011)
14) Bringing It All Back Home - Knocked Out Loaded (12 May 2011)
15) Street-Legal - Slow Train Coming (19 May 2011)
16) John Wesley Harding - Down In The Groove (26 May 2011)
17) Hard Rain - Under The Red Sky (2 Jun 2011)
18) The Basement Tapes (double) (9 Jun 2011)
19) Bob Dylan At Budokan (double) (16 Jun 2011)
20) Before The Flood (double) (23 Jun 2011)

This collection doesn't include compilations, The Bootleg Series, Christmas In The Heart or 1973's Dylan. Shown is the fifth issue dated 12-18 Mar 2011 with Bob Dylan and World Gone Wrong. It came with the two CDs and a book (book three) in a plastic bag. The book contains an Italian translation of the article by Jonathan Lethem from the US "Rolling Stone" magazine issue dated 7 Sep 2006. The folded grey/white insert shown was inside the World Gone Wrong CD jewel case. The CDs have no catalogue numbers, but Bob Dylan is the 2005 remastered release, whereas World Gone Wrong is the original 1993 release. Scans of the other magazines and the CDs required!


Thanks to Frans Westerholt for the photos.

"Bob Dylan Studio Collection" - 36CD set in box with "La Repubblica" newspaper/"L'Espresso" magazine, Columbia/Legacy/Sony Music (catalogue number?) (Italy), starting 30 Jun 2017:

Completed box, photo by Emanuele Oro
This 36CD collection is being advertised in the street in Italy. The first instalment of the collection is a 42cm x 42cm piece of cardboard which holds the debut Bob Dylan album and a binder. This could be purchased on its own, not with the magazine or newspaper.
Picture from "L'Espresso" web-site

Street poster in Palermo, Sicily, photo by Per Jakobsen

Outside of card sheet, photo by Per Jakobsen

Inside of card sheet, photo by Per Jakobsen

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan was available on 7 Jul 2017. The instalments will carry on like this for 34 weeks more, with a new official album each Friday. However, subscribers to "L'Espresso" can take advantage of an exclusive offer and buy the full collection outright for €199 here: https://inedicola.gruppoespresso.it/prodotto/bob-dylan-studio-collection/

Each CD comes in a unique 7" x 7" single sleeve!

Thanks to Per Jakobsen, Stefano Moroni and Emanulele Orofor information and photos.

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