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Audio: 1982

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"Blood On The Tracks" - stereo vinyl LP, CX-encoded version, Columbia JC 33235 (USA)/CBS CBSCX 69097 (NL for Europe), 1982:

Columbia JC 33235 (USA) - front scan by Gerd Rundel

R-0165 Special mixes on all tracks (not separately listed)

Richard Feirstein says: "I have a CX-encoded version of Blood On The Tracks. CX was a record and laserdisc noise reduction system Columbia tried to introduce just before CDs were introduced. It is very quiet and a bit compressed from the normal version when not played through a CX expander."quired a special decoder connected to a stereo system, in order to fully reproduce the CX-encoded sound on the LP. However, CX-encoded records could also be played without a decoder, with a resulting reduced (claimed acceptable, although not according to Richard) amount of dynamic range compression. Relatively few hardware decoder boxes were sold. Approximately 70 CX-encoded LP titles were released by CBS in 1982 in the United States, plus a small number in the Netherlands. Scans of the Dutch release CBSCX 69097 required!

For full details of the US release see the Blood On The Tracks page of International Album Releases (Regular).

Thanks to Gerd Rundel for information and scans.

"4 Test Pressings From 1962" - Columbia acetate (USA), which surfaced in May 1982:

R-0573 Mixed Up Confusion - out-take from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, 26 Oct 1962 (take 5), second alternate take to the original single (R-0007, see 1962), also without the opening harmonica solo as alternate take R-0145 but with different lyrics (unique to this take), now also released on the Sony Music Europe 4CD set The 50th Anniversary Collection, Dec 2012

For details of R-0145, an overdubbed alternate take of the 1962 single found on the Japanese compilations Mr. D's Collection #1 (LP, see 1974) and Mr. D's Collection #2 (EP, see 1976), and the 1978 Australian compilation Masterpieces, see 1978.

For details of all the alternate takes of this song, see 1962. Many thanks to Roger Ford, Les Kokay, Bob Stacy and Ian Woodward for all their information about these alternate takes, and for permission to reproduce their findings.

Nine takes of Mixed Up Confusion from Columbia Recording Studios, New York, 26 Oct 1962, 1 Nov 1962 and 14 Nov 1962, including R-0573, were released on the Sony Music Europe 4CD-R set The 50th Anniversary Collection in Dec 2012.

R-0579 Whatcha Gonna Do - unreleased out-take from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (unique to this acetate), recorded Columbia Studios, New York, 14 Nov 1962 (CO77005)
There are two circulating takes, the other one is from 6 Dec 1962 (CO77021), identified by a spoken intro by John Hammond "77021, take 1". Both have now been released on the Sony Music Europe 4CD-R set The 50th Anniversary Collection in Dec 2012.

R-0580 Sally Gal (Woody Guthrie) - unreleased out-take from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan (take 3), recorded Columbia Studios, New York, 24 Apr 1962 (CO77086)
This was released on the Sony Music Europe 4CD-R set The 50th Anniversary Collection in Dec 2012, along with take 2, which was new. The performance now released on The Bootleg Series Vol. 7: No Direction Home, Sep 2005, is actually take 1, previous uncirculating. Take 4 also circulates amongst collectors, but is officially unreleased.

The fourth track on this acetate was Kingsport Town, released in 1991 on The Bootleg Series Vols. 1-3.

Thanks to Roger Ford, Bob Stacy and Ian Woodward for information.

"Do You Remember" - 7" single in retrospective series, CBS A 2351 (NL), 11 Oct 1982:

CBS A 2351 (NL) - front scan by Hans Seegers
R-0126-9 Hurricane (Part 1) - first half of song (3:45) without bleeped swearword

For original 1975-76 singles with this song split over the A- and B-sides, see here.

The B-side of the single was Like A Rolling Stone, the regular album track.

Thanks to Hans Seegers for information and scans.

CBS A 2351 (NL) - rear scan by Hans Seegers

CBS A 2351 (NL) - A-side scan by Hans Seegers (R-0126)

CBS A 2351 (NL) - B-side scan by Hans Seegers

Promotional/Regular Items for 1982

Living In Another Country: International Stereo Releases

Stereo promo items for 1982 which don't contain rare material but which are still very collectable are now included with promo releases of regular albums and commercially released singles on the appropriate page in International Stereo Releases.

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